Financials, Governance & Staff

The Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City works in partnership with the business and philanthropic communities to advance initiatives that improve the lives of residents in all five boroughs. It seeks to seed promising, evidence-based models; evaluate the efficacy of new programs and policies; bring innovative solutions to scale; and respond to the emerging needs of the city by building public-private partnerships.


Financial Summary

Fiscal Year 2020Fiscal Year 2019
Support and Revenue$77,411,865$29,250,633
Program Services$65,728,912$28,334,657
Management and General$493,681$394,711
Total Operating Expenses$66,795,543$29,277,962
Operating Income (Loss)$10,616,322($27,329)
Non-Operating Revenue$1,067,050$1,191,937
Change in Net Assets$11,683,372$1,164,608

This report illustrates the Mayor’s Fund fiscal year, covering a 12-month period from July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020. The Mayor’s Fund receives contributions that support both single-year and multi-year programs. Timing of program revenue and expenses are influenced by program budgets causing, in some cases, revenue and expenses to occur in different fiscal period, resulting in the excess of expenses over revenue depicted in this financial report.

Funds raised by Program

Governance & Staff

Board of Directors

  • Chirlane I. McCray, Chair
  • Alexis Blane
  • Lisette Camilo
  • Matt Klein
  • J. Phillip Thompson


  • Daniele Baierlein, Co-Executive Director
  • Jorge Luis Paniagua Valle, Co-Executive Director
  • Maya Jakubowicz, Treasurer
  • Matt Everett, Secretary


  • Irfan Ahmed, Senior Programs and Policy Manager
  • Daniele Baierlein, Co-Executive Director
  • Harry Cheng, Finance Associate
  • YooRae Choi, Development Manager
  • Ashleigh Fryer, Communications Manager
  • Aarthi Gunasekaran, Programs and Policy Manager
  • Chris Kelsaw, Director of Finance and Operations
  • Jorge Luis Paniagua Valle, Co-Executive Director
  • Cesaryna Peña, Administrative and Programs Associate
  • Leah Prestamo, Legal Counsel and Director of Programs and Policy

Board of Advisors*

  • Rob Speyer, Chair
  • Ellen Alemany
  • Jay G. Badame
  • Charles Bendit
  • Barry Berke
  • Neil Blumenthal
  • Richard Born
  • Barbara Bowen
  • Steve Buscemi
  • Valentino D. Carlotti
  • Christopher Cohen
  • Dr. Steven Corwin
  • Vijay Dandapani
  • Mitch Draizin
  • Harold Fetner
  • Gabrielle Fialkoff
  • John Fish
  • Marian Fontana
  • Gigi Ganatra Duff
  • Charlene Gayle
  • George Gresham
  • Andrew Grieco
  • Jeffrey Gural
  • Jon Halpern
  • Louis Hernandez
  • Jill Iscol
  • Amabel James
  • Brad Karp
  • Roberta Karp
  • Carol Lewis
  • Debra Martin Chase
  • John McAvoy
  • Charles McCall
  • Cheryl McKissack
  • Keith Mestrich
  • Ron Moelis
  • Henry Muñoz
  • Mike Muse
  • Sean Parker
  • Morris Pearl
  • Steven Rubenstein
  • William Rudin
  • Chris Shelton
  • Marilyn Simons
  • Jerry Speyer
  • Mary Alice Stephenson
  • Stuart Suna
  • Kenneth Sunshine
  • Jonathan Tisch
  • Jeff Wilpon
  • Greg Worrell

*As of December 2020